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No matter what the menu calls for, there’s an Ohio wine that makes the perfect meal even better. But, if you’re not sure what’s best to serve, use this reference tool. Don’t be afraid to try your favorite wine with something new – even a snack. After all, part of serving an unforgettable meal with wine is remembering to include your personal preference in every recipe. Order Wine Guides.

medium rare beef sliced with garnishes

cream dessert with raspberries and mint

gourmet chocolates

sesame topped fish with tomato cucumber side salad

Lamb chops set artistically on a white place with a balsamic reduction drizzle, garnishes, and a side of potatoes

spaghetti noodles with red sauce tomatoes olives and fresh chopped parsley on top

fetuccine noodles in a white sauce with chicken and herbs

a cooked ham sliced and shown on a platter

a whole roasted chicken with apple and cranberry garnishes

paella with whole mussels and shrimp

seafood chili with japaleno pepper slices and red sweet pepper slices on top as a garnish